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EntoFoodVisions photo exhibition

​In this exhibition, first-in-the-world of its kind, the photographer Denis Magro investigates with the images our Western world and its relationship with the food production and consumption.Edible insects and products containing them are the vanguard of a new kind of nutrition: Novel foods, which has recently arrived in the West where they were subjected to a transformation, abandoning the original forms to meet a different concept of consumption, different from the oriental one.

Insects are routinely consumed in Asia, but they have never met the refining, engineering, industrialization processes they are now undergoing in the West.

Packaging was an unknown term. Selling on the supermarket shelf a bizarre idea.

In the western part of the world, food technologists dictate the rules of the recipe for a protein bar with cricket flour, food designers for aesthetics, graphics for labels and packaging.

The scorpion skewers are abolished, they will not reach the supermarket shelves, they give the thrill. Like watching a quartered pig carcass while enjoying a rib.

Through these shots and the subjects that are the protagonists, Denis Magro gives us back a lucid and artistic vision on our eating behavior.

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